Welcome to the Daydream BBS WikiEdit

DayDream BBS is a telnet / dialup Bulletin Board Software (BBS)

DayDream was initially created as a dialup BBS for the Amiga computer and operating system. Later it was ported to linux. Recently, it was ported also to *bsd and should be compatible with most *nix flavors.


  1. Installation
  2. Upgrading from an Older Version
  3. Safety Precautions
  4. Network Setup
  5. Files and Directories
  6. Configuration and Customization
  7. Conferences
  8. Message Bases
  9. File Bases
  10. External Commands / Doors
  11. Security Presets
  12. Archivers
  13. Display Modes
  14. Node Setup
  15. Security Levels
  16. File Transfer Protocols
  17. DayDream Menu System
  18. User Commands
  19. Sysop Commands
  20. Echomail
  21. Bundled Utilities
  22. DayDream software libraries
  23. Python for DayDream


  • Conference based. DayDream looks like AmiExpress/PCBoard/Desire.
  • Max number of conferences is 64. Each conference may have up to 254 message bases and up to 999 file areas.
  • Most of the important utilities are included with DD. DD includes faker, chart generator utility, conftop, etc.
  • Configuration is in an easy-to-edit ascii file.
  • Outlook is almost 100% configurable.
  • Superb upload handling. DayDream is able to get and add file_id.diz files.
  • File flagging with cursor keys.
  • Up to 254 display modes.
  • Multinode support. DayDream recognizes dialup, telnet, and local connections.
  • Door library for easy programming of add-on modules in C, C++, and python.
  • Supports Zmodem file transfers.
  • SysOp snoop capability.
  • Offline message reading and replying (QWK).
  • Background checker. DD puts files online while user is uploading them.
  • Extensive echomail and netmail capability.
  • FTP file transfers to and from the BBS, also conference based and authentication based.