DayDream Initial InstallationEdit

DayDream installation can be defined in two components. First is creating the necessary users, groups, and setting permissions. The second is compiling the software and installing it. However, first you'll need to grab the latest snapshot of DayDream, either from the DayDream BBS Homepage or by doing

git clone

Creating users, groups, and setting permissionsEdit

Set your install path, and keep in mind this will be the home path of your BBS user

export INSTALL_PATH=/home/bbs

sudo mkdir $INSTALL_PATH

Next, create the necessary group and then user for 'zipcheck' - used in preventing attacks against your BBS when hackers hex-edit zip files that get uploaded to the BBS.

sudo groupadd zipcheck

sudo useradd -g zipcheck -s /bin/false zipcheck

Now we'll create the bbs group and user, keeping in mind the bbs user needs to be added to the zipcheck group. The name of this user can be whatever you like, but for the sake of these instructions, it will be 'bbs' and will use the INSTALL_PATH of /home/bbs as well. Your BBS user's password will be necessary if you require passwords to access the bbs, or if you allow SSH connections.

sudo groupadd bbs

sudo useradd -d $INSTALL_PATH -G zipcheck -g bbs -s /bin/false bbs

sudo passwd bbs

sudo chown bbs:bbs $INSTALL_PATH

sudo chmod 750 $INSTALL_PATH


Change to the SRC directory inside of your files downloaded from the GIT repository.

cd ~/Downloads/daydream/daydream-2.20.0/SRC

Run the auto build script. NOTE: This will be updated soon with traditional ./configure && make syntax! For now, use the script. Make sure you have any c, c++, and python development libraries as well as c/c++ compilers installed.

sh build

Now, if there were no errors, install it to your INSTALL_PATH


Now we will add the extra installation files. Change to the INSTALL directory and run the script



sudo mkdir $INSTALL_PATH/docs


sudo cp -R * $INSTALL_PATH/docs

Finally, set some environment variables and fix DayDream's permissions


sudo . scripts/

Compile the default daydream configuration

sudo bin/ddcfg configs/daydream.cfg

Head back to the SRC directory

cd ~/Downloads/daydream/daydream-2.20.0/SRC

Fully secure the installation


Finally, change the BBS user's shell to launch DayDream. Obviously the 'bbs' at the end is because that is my selected username for the BBS user, change yours accordingly.

sudo usermod -s $INSTALL_PATH/scripts/ bbs